YOUR HEALTH: YOUR RECORDS, YOUR CHOICE – medConfidential launch conference

Audio, presentations and coverage of medConfidential’s inaugural conference held on 24th April 2013. Thanks to everyone who came, especially to all our speakers and hard-working volunteers who helped ensure everything ran smoothly.

Sessions and speeches as per the programme:

An overview of current policy including the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES); online access to medical records; the single care plan; the ingredients of valid consent – Phil Booth and Terri Dowty, joint coordinators of medConfidential

Phil Booth – audio (MP3) |presentation (.ppt)
Terri Dowty – audio (MP3) |presentation (.ppt)

Online patient records: safety and privacy – Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Ross Anderson – audio (MP3) |presentation (.pptx)

The next step: Linking medical records, DNA and genetic information – Dr Helen Wallace, Director of Genewatch UK

Helen Wallace – audio (MP3) |presentation (.pptx)

NHS Confidentially and Patient Advice – Helen Wilkinson, Coordinator of TheBigOptOut Patient Advice Line

Helen Wilkinson – audio (MP3)

Our right to medical privacy – Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty

Shami Chakrabarti – audio (MP3)

Plenary: feedback from workshops

Sue White, Ross Anderson, Ian Brown and Phil Booth – audio (MP3)

The workshops covered:

(1) The single care plan for children and its extension to adults – Sue White, Professor of Social Work (Children and Families) at Birmingham University + Terri Dowty

(2) The GP Extraction System and patient confidentiality – Dr John Cormack, GP and Professor Ross Anderson

(3) Keeping data safe and why ‘anonymisation’ isn’t the answer – Dr Ian Brown, Associate Director (Cyber Security Centre) and Senior Research Fellow of the Oxford Internet Institute + Sam Smith, Privacy International

(4) A brainstorming session to assess the potential risks for each sector and steps forward – Phil Booth

Online coverage of the conference, including some video:

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Report by Shibley Rahman on the Socialist Healthcare Association’s website (3 videos)

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