codeList: information extracted from your GP record under

PLEASE NOTE: This page may initially take a minute or so to load as it contains a significant amount of information. This page is reflects public information available on 3rd December 2014. The programme intends to extract dated details (“events”) from the GP record of every man, woman and child in England – each associated with their NHS number, date of birth, full postcode, gender and ethnicity – that include medical diagnoses (including cancer and mental health) and their complications, referrals to specialists, prescriptions, vaccinations and screening tests, family history, blood test results, body mass index and smoking/alcohol habits. codeList is an online tool that lets you search or browse the information that will be extracted from your own and your family’s GP records under the initial specification, the official version of which is published here: GP data specification v1.1 [2.3MB Excel spreadsheet]. N.B. For any one patient, only those events that appear in their GP record will be uploaded. For the ‘pathfinder’ stage, dated events recorded over the previous 4 months will be extracted. In future, dated events further back in your medical history may be extracted as well.

Dates associated with the following events will be extracted: