Media coverage

A selection of press and online articles, radio and TV items about the privacy of NHS records.


January 2018 slammed for NHS data-sharing deal with Home Office – The Register, 17 January 2018

Pregnant and ill migrants ‘too scared to see a doctor,’ health experts warn – Sky News, 16 January 2018

Lung cancer patients’ medical records sent to US company linked with tobacco giant Philip Morris – Independent, 16 January 2018

Domestic worker died because she was too frightened to access healthcare over immigration fears, MPs told – Independent, 16 January 2018

Health bosses hand medical records of 180,000 British lung cancer patients to US firm working for one of world’s biggest tobacco companies – Daily Mail, 15 January 2018

Health officials accused of failing to carry out ‘basic checks’ before data on cancer sufferers was ‘plundered’ – Daily Telegraph, 15 January 2018

Ethics for healthcare data is obsessed with risk – not public benefits – The Conversation, 5 January 2018


December 2017

NHS England to use live seasonal illness data to plan winter capacity – Pulse, 19th December 2017

Can De-Identified Health Data Be Re-Identified? – Huffington Post, 18 December 2017

No hack needed: Anonymisation beaten with a dash of SQL – The Register, 18 December 2017

November 2017

NHS cyber unit welcomed with cautious optimism by privacy and security groups – ComputerWorld UK, 29 November 2017

NHS data not fit for AI, Lords select committee told – Computer Weekly, 23 November 2017 told to tread carefully with transfer of data sets to NHS Digital – The Register, 20 November 2017

UK’s ICO issues stark reminder of backlash for privacy invasion – We Live Security, 20 November 2017

NHS accused of breaching doctor-patient confidentiality for helping Home Office target foreigners – Independent, 9 November 2017

Activists launch legal challenge against NHS patient data-sharing deal – The Register, 9 November 2017

Govt faces legal fight over Home Office access to NHS patient data –, 9 November 2017

Buried in a government bill, an immigration rule strips millions of their data protection –, 3 November 2017

October 2017

Algorithms, Henry VIII powers, dodgy 1-man-firms: Reg strokes claw over Data Protection Bill – The Register, 30 October 2017

Government ‘shamelessly attempting’ to give itself power to spy on people’s details for ‘immigration control’ – Independent, 24 October 2017

Sharing patient data would open door to next-generation NHS using ‘artificial intelligence’, Government told – The Independent, 16 October 2017

The government’s report on AI doesn’t recommend regulating it – Wired, 14 October 2017

DeepMind now has an ethics unit – which may have helped when it ate 1.6m NHS patient details – The Register, 4 October 2017

DeepMind now has an AI ethics research unit. We have a few questions for it… – TechCrunch, 4 October 2017

September 2017

NHS Digital directed to replace type two opt-outs – Digital Health, 29 September 2017

NHS IT leaders fear harm to patients from widespread hacking of confidential data – Information Age, 26 September 2017

Mass NHS data sharing plan will not allow ‘simple opt out’ despite ministers’ pledges – Daily Telegraph, 19 September 2017

The big data revolution: the high price of a force for good – Daily Telegraph, 16 September 2017

Jeremy Hunt to unveil plans for digital-led NHS treatment by 2018 – The Guardian, 11 September 2017

Nosey’ NHS worker accessed 398 patient records without permission at Royal Stoke University Hospital – Stoke Sentinel, 8 September 2017

AI has no place in the NHS if patient privacy isn’t assured – Wired, 5th September 2017

August 2017

Documents detail DeepMind’s plan to apply AI to NHS data in 2015 – TechCrunch, 31st August 2017

Building health AIs should be UK ambition, says strategy review – TechCrunch, 31st August 2017

Use of healthcare data must improve, says report – ComputerWeekly, 31st August 2017

UK needs to act urgently to secure NHS data for British public, report warns – The Guardian, 30th August 2017

Pssst… wanna participate in a Google DeepMind AI pilot? Be careful – The Register, 23rd August 2017

Anonymous hacker says they stole 1.2 million NHS patients’ data – Cluley Associates, 22nd August 2017

NHS 1.2 million patient name database hacked ‘to expose weaknesses’ – SC magazine, 21st August 2017

Anonymous hacker claims to have stolen private data on up to 1.2million NHS patients – The Sun, 18th August 2017

Nosey ex-NHS staffer slapped with fine for illegally peeking at medical records – The Register, 14th August 2017

July 2017

Bupa employee stole half a million customers’ health insurance data –, 19th July 2017

Digital service to allow patients to track how their NHS data is used –, 13th July 2017

DH pledges £50m to safeguarding NHS digital security – National Health Executive, 13th July 2017

Government confirms national opt-out for patient data – Digital Health, 12th July 2017

Government response to Caldicott promises further £21m cyber investment – Digital Health, 12th July 2017

Doctors using Snapchat to send patient scans to each other, panel finds – Guardian, 5th July 2017

Google DeepMind report fails to justify use by the NHS, claim privacy campaigners – Techworld, 5th July 2017

Why are we giving away our most sensitive health data to Google? – Guardian, 5th July 2017

The Guardian view on patient data: we need a better approach – Guardian, 5th July 2017

Chief medical officer calls for gene testing revolution – BBC, 4th July 2017

DeepMind held 1.6 million people’s health records unlawfully, but no one’s getting fined for it – Quartz, 4th July 2017

NHS broke the law by sharing 1.6 million patient records with Google’s DeepMind health team – The Sun, 4th July 2017

Royal Free breached UK data law in 1.6m patient deal with Google’s DeepMind – The Guardian, 3rd July 2017

Google DeepMind NHS medical trial broke UK privacy law – BBC, 3rd July 2017

Google DeepMind’s NHS data deal ‘failed to comply’ with law – New Scientist, 3rd July 2017

Royal Society: UK ‘Needs’ New Data Protection Watchdog –, 3rd July 2017

June 2017

The challenges surrounding patient data sharing – The Stack, 27th June 2017

Privacy, consent laws under ‘unprecedented strain’. We need a data-watcher watcher – The Register, 30th June 2017

DeepMind Health inks another 5-year NHS app deal in face of ongoing controversy – TechCrunch, 22 June 2017

The NHS Needs To Get To Grips With Patient Privacy – Huffington Post, 22nd June 2017

May 2017

The Guardian view on Google’s NHS grab: legally inappropriate – Guardian, 17 May 2017

Google DeepMind 1.6m patient record deal ‘inappropriate’ – Guardian, 16 May 2017

Google DeepMind NHS data deal was ‘legally inappropriate’ – New Scientist, 16 May 2017

Google DeepMind’s 1.6m UK medical record slurp ‘legally inappropriate’ – The Register, 16 May 2017

Google received 1.6 million NHS patients’ data on an ‘inappropriate legal basis’ – Sky News, 20:10 BST, Monday 15 May 2017

A leaked letter is battering DeepMind’s arguments that it stayed within health data privacy laws – Quartz, 15 May 2017

Google DeepMind received 1.6 million NHS patient records through a legally inappropriate deal – Business Insider, 15 May 2017

DeepMind NHS health data deal had ‘no lawful basis’ – Tech Crunch, 15 May 2017

Is GP record sharing safe?
– Pulse, 11 May 2017

Cambridge academic calls on health sector to stop using term ‘data ownership’ –, 11 May 2017

NHS deal to hand GP data to immigration officials causing ‘serious risk’ – Pulse, 2 May 2017

April 2017

Public Health England warns of ‘serious risk’ over Home Office data sharing – Independent, 29th April 2017

PHE warns of ‘serious risk’ over Home Office data sharing – Health Service Journal, 28 April 2017

Digital Economy Act becomes law – Kable Government Computing, 28th April 2017

NHS not doing enough to help police prevent terror attacks, warns Met’s counterterrorism chief – Daily Telegraph, 26th April 2017

Government’s information tsar to review data-sharing deal following row over patient confidentiality – PR Week, 26 April 2017

GPs register migrant patients as ‘no fixed abode’ to block Home Office tracking – GP Online, 21 April 2017

Crackdown on migrants forces NHS doctors to ‘act as border guards’ – Guardian, 20 April 2017

Peers: Government needs a credible NHS innovation strategy – and should penalise those that don’t engage –, 5 Apr 2017

Half a million ‘de-identified’ patients records to be shared in Bradford – The Register, 5 April 2017

NHS Digital plans September go-live for citizen identity service – Computer Weekly, 5 Apr 2017

March 2017

TPP sharing furore a reminder of the long shadow cast by – Digital Health, 24 Mar 2017

ICO moves to calm controversy over TTP patient data sharing – Digital Health, 21 Mar 2017

ICO concerned about TPP’s GP IT system’s data sharing compliance – Computer Weekly, 21 Mar 2017

Privacy-unaware GP surgeries put patient records at risk with ‘enhanced data sharing’, claim campaigners – The Inquirer, 20 Mar 2017

Big Read: What does Google DeepMind want with the NHS? – Digital Health, 20 Mar 2017

Security breach fears over 26 million NHS patients – The Daily Telegraph, 17 Mar 2017

Google DeepMind Deal with NHS Contained ‘Inexcusable’ Mistakes – InfoSecurity, 17 Mar 2017

Google’s Deepmind NHS deal ‘inexcusable’, says academic paper – The Register, 16 Mar 2017

Here are all the deals that Google’s AI lab DeepMind has made with the NHS – Business Insider, 16 Mar 2017

DeepMind accused of ‘inexcusable’ failings in its data deal with the NHS – Wired, 16 Mar 2017

“Inexcusable” mistakes made in Google DeepMind and Royal Free NHS data deal – study – Pharma Times, 16 Mar 2017

NHS Scotland launches GP information sharing system – Computer Weekly, 9 Mar 2017

DeepMind says no quick fix for verifying health data access – TechCrunch, 9 Mar 2017

Google’s DeepMind building health data audit tool to counter transparency fears –, 9 Mar 2017

Google’s DeepMind plans bitcoin-style health record tracking for hospitals – Guardian, 9 Mar 2017

Scotland rolls out national patient data extraction scheme – Pulse, 8 March 2017

How trustworthy is NHS Digital? – Open Democracy, 6 March 2017

February 2017

NHS patient letters meant for GPs went undelivered for years – The Register, 27 Feb 2017

NHS accused of covering up huge data loss that put thousands at risk – Guardian, 27 Feb 2017

John Manzoni: was a ‘misstep’ that ‘put us back a long way’ –, 21 Feb 2017

NHS Digital dodges further ICO data opt out regulation – Health IT central, 15 Feb 2017

NHS Digital avoids regulatory action from ICO over data opt-out errors – Public, 13 Feb 2017

ICO rules out regulatory action over NHS Digital data opt out concerns – Kable Government Computing, 10 Feb 2017

Ministers Accused Of “Out-Trumping Trump” Over Use Of Health Data To Track Alleged Illegal Immigrants – Buzzfeed, 10 Feb 2017

Joe’s View: Privacy, where next? – Digital, 9 Feb 2017

UK government’s huge citizen data grab is go—where are the legal safeguards? – Ars Technica, 9 Feb 2017

NHS Digital “working through” healthcare IoT complexity – Kable Government Computing, 7 Feb 2017

NHS urged to share data so patients can be deported – The Conversation, 6 Feb 2017

The Guardian view on the digital economy bill: a last chance to get it right – The Guardian, 5 Feb 2017

January 2017

Move to implement patient ‘data lake’ scheme –, 30 Jan 2017

The NHS should protect patient confidentiality – Guardian letters, 27 Jan 2017

NHS hands over patient records to Home Office for immigration crackdown – The Guardian, 24 Jan 2017

Lords slam ‘untrammelled’ data sharing powers in Digital Economy Bill – The Register, 20 Jan 2017

Home Office refuses to enforce privacy code on NHS staff using video – The Guardian, 18 Jan 2017

New national NHS patient “data lake” proposed based on STPs – Digital, 18 Jan 2017

NHS England moots regional-level data collection to support national analytics – Public, 19 Jan 2017

Privacy issues drive health IT consumer skepticism: 10 Black Book survey findings – Becker’s Health IT & CIO review (USA), 3 Jan 2017

Understanding the conundrum: New information flows for economic growth – Big Data & Society (Academic journal), 1 Jan 2017


December 2016

The NHS refused to reveal how much it’s paying Google’s DeepMind – Business Insider, 24/12/16

Google app aids London hospital health checks – BBC, 23/12/16

Patients Should Own Their Medical Records! – Health IT central, 12/12/16

NHS Digital sees off patient privacy challenge –, 6/12/16

November 2016

Civil servants under fire over Digital Economy Bill drafting as Parliamentary scrutiny bites – Kable Government Computing, 23/11/16

DeepMind hits back at criticism of its NHS data-sharing deal – Wired, 22/11/16

Google DeepMind, NHS partnership sparks privacy fears – Fierce Healthcare, 22/11/16

DeepMind has signed a major new deal with the NHS despite concerns about patient privacy – Business Insider, 22/11/16

NHS using Google technology to treat patients – BBC News, 22/11/16

Google’s DeepMind agrees new deal to share NHS patient data – New Scientist, 22/11/16

The public get the chance to manage their own medical files – Economist, 19/11/16

Benefits of digital patient tools in the NHS uncertain, says think tank – Computer Weekly, 18/11/16

NHS Digital boss Andy Williams resigns – Public, 16/11/16

‘The principle of ownership brings notions of it being someone’s property – therefore sellable’ – Health IT Central, 9/11/16

Consultation outcome over Caldicott proposals to be released soon – Health IT central, 3/11/6

Data Collection And Patient Privacy – A Balancing Act – Health IT central, 2/11/6

NHS England sets up info governance network – UK Authority, 2/11/16

October 2016

Data confidentiality row intensifies ahead of crucial ruling – HSJ, 26/10/16

Opt-outs have been honoured – NHS Digital –, 21/10/16

Working towards a national consent model –, 21/10/16

NHS patients must be taught to share their data, says EU lobby group – The Register, 18/10/16

NHS Digital’s plans for a digital NHS –, 17/10/16

Trust a doctor? Many don’t: Third of people worry the NHS will share their personal data – Daily Mail, 17/10/16

Government claims open data successes –, 17/10/16

The Guardian view on data sharing: the privacy of citizens is being eroded – Guardian, 16/10/16

Google DeepMind has doubled the size of its healthcare team – Business Insider UK, 11/10/16

Caldicott 3: Easy to say, hard to do? – Digital Health, 6/10/16

September 2016

Clinicians key to building public trust around sharing patient data – Computer Weekly, 28/9/16

GP data-sharing scheme rises from the dead – Pulse, 27/9/16

Scrapped NHS ballsup cost taxpayer almost £8m – The Register, 27/9/16

Scrapped ‘cost £8.1m’ claim – Health IT Central, 27/9/16

NHS handed over GP data to 150 groups against patients’ wishes – Pulse, 27/9/16

Data breaches ongoing as NHS Digital pushes opt-outs –, 26/9/16

NHS Digital grapples with thousands of patient data breaches – Health Service Journal, 23/9/16

It’s time for a public debate about data sharing – Prospect, 22/9/16

Building a new social norm for health data – Prospect, 22/9/16

King’s Fund calls for “definitive” NHS digital funding strategy – Kable Government Computing, 22/9/16

Is open data the key to healthcare transformation? – Diginomica, 22/9/16

The NHS’ Digital Ambitions Must Be Bolder – Huffington Post, 21/9/16

Care.Data – A post-mortem – ITProPortal, 19/9/16 oughta get its data-sharing house in order before Digital Economy Bill plans – The Register, 19/9/16

Caldicott: future of patient opt-outs a ‘challenge’ –, 8/9/16 – patients will be able to download medical files with new digital version of NHS 111 – Daily Mirror, 7/9/16

Government to launch another data harvesting initiative, says “out of date” NHS Digital plan – UKAuthority, 6/9/16

Patient data consent model ‘to be launched in March’ – Health Service Journal, 6/9/16

NHS ‘paperless roadmap’: Fewer dead trees, more data control – The Register, 6/9/16

Shadow of defunct looms over patient record sharing progress – Kable Government Computing, 2/9/16

MPs warn that NHS teams have “significant problems” getting access to data – Diginomica, 2/9/16

Health committee calls for rethink of NHS data sharing practices – Public, 1/9/16

‘Significant problems’ with data access in public health –, 1/9/16

August 2016

Government opens consultation on new patient record centralisation plans – Computing, 25/8/16

NHS in consultation for patient records system to replace – V3, 25/8/16 concerns as new platform proposed –, 25/8/16

Is a replacement waiting in the wings? – HealthIT central, 25/8/16

Stealth plan to sell UK patient health data – Politico, 22/8/16

Do we need to care about the closure of – BioMed Central, 19/8/16 is dead – long live – OpenDemocracy, 19/8/16

Future NHS: What if people controlled their own health data? – GP Magazine, 19/8/16

NHS Care.Data 2.0: What Should It Look Like?
– TechWeek Europe, 18/8/16 – dead or alive? – Computer Weekly, 8/8/16

Some benefits of digital health to the NHS may be delayed by consent model consultation, says expert – Out-law, 8/8/16

Campaigners fear plans still live –, 4/8/16 gone but not forgotten –, 3/8/16

July 2016

Why the closure of is bad news for the NHS and society – Guardian, 19/7/16 has been scrapped, but your health data could still be shared – The Conversation, 12/7/16

Decision to scrap NHS data grab welcomed in West – Plymouth Herald, 11/7/16

Patients should have more control over how their medical data is used, says Caldicott – Out-law, 7/7/16

How the NHS got it so wrong with – Daily Telegraph, 7/7/16

A viable shot at a better NHS has been killed off by privacy paranoia – Guardian, 7/7/16

UK government takes surgeon’s knife to controversial NHS scheme – Ars Technica, 7/7/16

Government drops – UKAuthority, 7/7/16

A cynical day to bury the NHS controversy – Diginomica, 7/7/16

Government pulls plug on programme – OnMedica, 7/7/16

NHS England single patient database scrapped – 7/7/16

Controversial mega-database of medical records scrapped over privacy concerns – Independent, 7/7/16

CQC revamps health and social care data security guidance – Kable Government Computing, 6/7/16’s hated project binned – The Register, 6/7/16

NHS trusts need to prioritise data security, says Fiona Caldicott – Computer Weekly, 6/7/15

NHS England scraps controversial programme – Computer Weekly, 6/7/15

NHS scheme closed after years of controversy – Wired, 6/7/15

Controversial plans scrapped as reports question how NHS uses data – GP Online, 6/7/16

NHS England scraps project – Computing, 6/7/16

NHS England scraps controversial project – V3, 6/7/16

Controversial £7.5 million NHS database scrapped quietly on same day as Chilcot Report – Daily Telegraph, 6/7/16

NHS to scrap single database of patients’ medical details – Guardian, 6/7/16

UK patients should have greater data slurp opt-out powers – report – The Register, 6/7/16

Case for data sharing ‘still needs to be made to the public’, says Caldicott – National Health Executive, 6/7/16

Prepare for ‘strengthened’ inspections into data security, CQC tells GPs – Pulse, 6/7/16

June 2016

The Home Office Is Accessing Thousands Of People’s NHS Data To Trace Illegal Immigrants – BuzzFeed News, 7/6/16

May 2016

NHS told to strengthen data security after leaks – The Times, 25/5/16

GPhC issues sanctions to Pharmacy2U directors – Chemist & Druggist, 25/5/16

New figures reveal up to 1.5m people opt-out of – Health IT central, 20/5/16

Consistent minority of patients opting out of having data shared – National Health Executive, 18/5/16

Exclusive: Google’s NHS deal does not have regulatory approval – New Scientist, 13/5/16 is about to fling your data at anyone who wants it. How? Why? Shut up, pleb – The Register, 13/5/16

Should the NHS share patient data with Google’s DeepMind? – Wired, 11/5/16

56 Dean Street fined £180,000 by ICO –, 9/5/16

UK data watchdog dishes out brace of fines to NHS after serious breaches – Ars Technica, 9/5/16

Cyber security is critical to the future of the NHS –, 5/5/16

Google’s NHS deal does not bode well for the future of data-sharing – Guardian, 5/5/16

It’s barmy to hand our health secrets to Google – the world’s greediest snooper – Daily Mail, 5/5/16

Google’s DeepMind shouldn’t suck up our NHS records in secret – Guardian, 4/5/16

How to stop Google seeing your private medical history – Business Insider UK, 4/5/16

Google given access to healthcare data of up to 1.6 million patients – The Guardian, 4/5/16

NHS shares medical records of 1.6 million patients with Google as part of data-sharing agreement – The Independent, 4/5/16

If Google has nothing to hide about NHS data, why so secretive? – New Scientist, 4/5/16

Google AI given access to health records of 1.6 million English patients – Ars Technica, 3/5/16

Controversy as Google given access to NHS patient data – The Daily Telegraph, 3/5/16

Google handed health records of 1.6 MILLION NHS patients, sparking privacy fears – The Sun, 3/5/16

Google handed patients’ files without permission: Up to 1.6million records – including names and medical history – passed on in NHS deal with web giant – Daily Mail, 3/5/16

Google given access to London patient records for research – BBC, 3/5/16

Minister says NHS needs more data sharing – UKAuthority, 3/5/16

April 2016

Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records – The Register, 29/4/16

Revealed: Google AI has access to huge haul of NHS patient data – New Scientist, 29/4/16 could be delayed again as DH sits on completed reviews – Pulse, 26/4/16

1.2m patients continue to be ignored over objections to record sharing – Pulse, 20/4/16

Guidance on consent and opt-outs for patient data sharing delayed – ComputerWeekly, 20/4/16

HSCIC to commence patient data sharing opt outs this month – Government Computing, 20/4/16

One million patients have opted out of – The Register, 20/4/16

NHS records still being shared with third parties due to Department of Health delays – ComputerWorld UK, 14/4/16

Pharmacy2U directors face fitness to practise committee over sale of patient data – The Pharmaceutical Journal, 7/4/16

March 2016

Study shows patients support record sharing – UK Authority, 10/3/16

Trust in data use necessary for potential of big data to be realised in health sector, says expert – Out-Law, 9/3/16

Brits still not happy about commercial companies using their healthcare data – The Register, 9/3/16

Hands off our health records, say 1 in 6 UK adults – New Scientist, 9 March 2016

Government to review £500m-worth of Atos contracts after IT failure – The Guardian, 6/3/16

February 2016

‘GP patients won’t be identified from sick note records’ – Pulse, 16/2/16

De-anonymising data should be a criminal offence, says MPs report – The Register, 12/2/16

House of Commons Science and Technology Committee calls for Data Ethics Council – Computer Weekly, 12/2/16

MPs say Whitehall data still stuck in silos – UKAuthority, 12/2/16

Personal data privacy breaches ‘should carry a jail term’ – Daily Mail, 12/2/16

Privacy advocates left out of NHS ‘oversight’ board – The Register, 8/2/16

Health Secretary promises NHS £4.2bn to go ‘digital’ – The Register, 8/2/16

700,000 patients continue to have data sharing objections ignored – Pulse, 5/2/16

January 2016

GPs told to inform patients of ‘state snooping’ on sick note records – Pulse, 24/1/16

NHS Cyber Security ‘Far Weaker Than Thought’ – Tech Week Europe, 20/1/16

Theresa May refuses to say whether UK spies access medical data
BBC, 13/1/16


December 2015

MPs slam mandarins over failed GP IT system – The Register, 31/12/15

GP records database delayed at ‘huge cost’ to taxpayer – The Telegraph, 31/12/15

November 2015

HSCIC to commence patient data opt outs from January – Kable Government Computing, 30/11/15

NHS England to create new technology officer role – Kable Government Computing, 26/11/15

What is the digital legacy of Tim Kelsey? – Digital Health, 26/11/15

Patient opt-outs actioned by January – DigitalHealth, 24/11/15

HSCIC is sharing data of patients who opted out of – Computing, 24/11/15

700,000 opt-outs finally get to come off the database – dataIQ, 24/11/15

NHS patient data-sharing opt-outs must be honoured by January 2016, says ICO – Computer Weekly, 24/11/15

Patients to finally have data-sharing objections honoured – Pulse, 2/11/15

October 2015

GPs’ concerns ‘could resurface’, warns data guardian – Pulse, 28/10/15

Flawed GP data extraction system ‘misspent public money’ – GP Online, 27/10/15

Public trust is key to sharing health data successfully, says Fiona Caldicott – Computer Weekly, 27/10/15

Online pharmacy fined for selling user data to lottery company and others – Sophos Naked Security, 22/10/15

BMA calls for jail sentences after pharmacy found to have sold NHS patient data – GP Online, 21/10/15

NHS underinvests in data capabilities, says Public Health England chief knowledge officer – Computer Weekly, 1/10/15

September 2015

Data privacy fears undermining patient safety, RCGP chair tells Labour conference – GP magazine, 29/9/15

How can we trust the NHS with ‘big data’ if it can’t even get an app store right? – Diginomica, 28/9/15

Why it’s no surprise that NHS accredited smartphone apps are leaking data – Computing, 28/9/15

NHS-approved health apps put patient privacy and health at risk, says study – Ars Technica, 25/9/15

NHS-approved apps found ‘leaking’ ID data – BBC, 25/9/15

NHS apps caught sending unencrypted health data – V3, 25/9/15

What next for NHS plan after its leader Tim Kelsey quit? – Computer Weekly, 24/9/15

Do you know what happened to your data? – StatsLife, 24/9/15

Tim, Telstra, and the tech takeover of the NHS – Open Democracy, 22/9/15 – an in-depth check-up on NHS England’s controversial bid to join up health data – Civil Service World, 18/9/15

Tim Kelsey quits NHS, leaving controversial behind – IT Pro, 18/9/15 head to leave NHS England for private sector role – Civil Service World, 18/9/15 lead Tim Kelsey resigns from NHS England – Pharma Times, 17/9/15

Tim Kelsey resigns from NHS England – Computing, 17/9/15 chief Tim Kelsey to leave NHS England – Computer Weekly, 17/9/15

Government adviser leaves controversial NHS data scheme for private sector – Guardian, 17/9/15

Architect of UK’s hated scheme quits NHS, flees from Britain – The Register, 17/9/15

CCG pilot work continues – Kable Government Computing, 10/9/15

NHS England claims ‘is not paused’ – Computing, 9/9/15

Right, opt out everybody! Hated paused again – The Register, 8/9/15 on hold again –, 7/9/15

NHS pilots paused so that it can clear up wording on opt-outs – Computing, 7/9/15 pilots delayed until January – Civil Service World, 7/9/15

NHS England’s controversial programme on hold again – Computer Weekly, 7/9/15 pilot in Somerset paused – Government Computing News, 4/9/15 ‘paused’ yet again due to confidentiality review – Pulse, 4/9/15

The consensus? A qualitative analysis of opinions expressed on Twitter – BMC Public Health, 2/9/15

August 2015

Patients will resist medical record sharing if NHS bosses ignore their privacy fears – The Conversation, 19/8/15 is a complete omnishambles, says study into hated scheme – The Register, 12/8/15

Pharmacists hit back at ‘misleading’ patient data article – Pharma Times, 12/8/15

The public is right to worry about data-sharing – Daily Telegraph letters, 12/8/15 and access to UK health records: patient privacy and public trust – Technology Science, 11/8/15

Sharing all our personal data is stupid and dangerous – Daily Telegraph, 11/8/15

Personal health data belongs to patients – Telegraph editorial, 10/8/15

Boots, Tesco and Superdrug to get access to NHS medical records – Daily Telegraph, 10/8/15

GPs in pilots prepare for scheme’s launch – GP Online, 4/8/15 director Tim Kelsey: the mastermind behind the NHS GP data project – ComputerWorld UK, 3/8/15

July 2015 opt out ignored by commissioners, campaigners claim – Health Service Journal, 29/7/15

Patient data must be safeguarded – Guardian Letters, 28/7/15

Almost 2% of patients have opted out of before awareness campaign begins – Pulse, 24/7/15

Just 2% of patients opt out of, says minister – GP Online, 24/7/15 concerns dismissed as ‘scare stories’ by NHS data chief – ComputerWorld UK, 23/7/15

NHS backs down over private data: Demands for millions of confidential files are abandoned after leaked letter sparks privacy row – Daily Mail, 22/7/15

GP system suppliers data request dropped – Digital, 22/7/15

NHS boss demands health information for MILLIONS of Britons – and it could identify YOU – Daily Express, 21/7/15

NHS England requests data on GP appointments to support case for seven-day working – Pulse, 21/7/15

NHS circumvents GPs to obtain confidential patient data – Ars Technica, 21/7/15

NHS denies personal information will be shared in appointments row – Computing, 21/7/15

PM plans patient data grab in proposals for seven-day NHS – The Guardian, 21/7/15

Why does Downing Street want details of all your appointments with your doctor? – Our NHS, 21/7/15

Privacy storm over GP visits: NHS official demands details of millions of confidential appointments – Daily Mail, 20/7/15

We must convince the public that researchers need access to medical records – BMJ, 17/7/15 trial practices unveiled as objection concerns remain – Kable Government Computing, 13/7/15

Sir Tim Berners-Lee seeks revival of plan to open up NHS data – Financial Times, 10/7/15

Wales considers record sharing – Pulse, 9/7/15

Just 12 GP practices sign up to test in largest pilot region – Pulse, 8/7/15

NHS IT system for GP data upload slammed for delays and overspend – Computer Weekly, 2/7/15

NHS IT failures mount as GP data system declared unfit for purpose – The Register, 2/7/15

GP data system GPES ‘flawed, delayed and over budget’, audit finds – GP Online, 2/7/15

Audit Office slams IT system for GP records – OnMedica, 2/7/15

NHS IT: Another project over budget, late and with a functionality shortfall – ComputerWorld UK, 2/7/15

GP extraction service was ‘fundamentally flawed’, Government auditors find – Pulse, 2/7/15

IT system for GP records criticised – BBC, 2/7/15

NAO gives thumbs down to GP Extraction Service – UK Authority, 2/7/15

June 2015, NHS Choices and now Apps – could it be three failures in a row for Tim Kelsey? – Computing, 30/6/15

Four UK major IT projects headed for disaster, report claims – MISCO News, 30/6/15

NHS still leaks like a sinking ship, but ministers set sail regardless – The Conversation, 30/6/15

“Unachievable” programme should serve as warning to Government-as-a-Platform agenda – Diginomica, 30/6/15

NHS England hits back at highly critical report – Health Service Journal, 29/6/15

Watchdog: Universal Credit, Care.Data Need ‘Urgent Action’ – TechWeek Europe, 29/6/15 ‘looks unachievable’, says Whitehall watchdog – Pulse, 29/6/15

NHS patient data plans unachievable, review finds – The Guardian, 26/6/15

Hated scheme now ‘unachievable’, howls watchdog – The Register, 26/6/15 needs urgent action to succeed, warns watchdog – IT Pro, 26/6/15’s MPA ‘red’ risk rating may be out of date – Kable Government Computing, 26/6/15 is ‘unachievable’ says Major Projects Authority – Computer Business Review, 26/6/15 is ‘unachievable’, says Whitehall watchdog – ComputerWorld UK, 25/6/15

‘Whitehall, we have a problem with 21 major IT projects,’ warns Major Projects Authority – Computing, 25/6/15

HSCIC confident in – Digital, 25/6/15 main milestones for controversial health data sharing scheme – ComputerWorld UK, 22/6/15 to restart this month – Local Government Chronicle, 15/6/15

ID card for every child in Scotland – Scottish Express, 14/6/15

NHS faces backlash over restart in Blackburn – Computer Business Review, 12/6/15

Blackburn with Darwen to lead reboot – UK Authority, 12/6/15 project to restart later this month – Computing, 12/6/15 scheme due to restart despite ongoing privacy concerns – IT Pro, 12/6/5

NHS England yet to finalise extraction launch date – Kable Government Computing, 12/6/15 re-launched this month – Digital, 11/6/2015

Controversial NHS England project set to restart – Computer Weekly, 11/6/15

GPs prepare to contact patients individually as is relaunched in some areas – Pulse, 10/6/15

NHS to hunt out patients who are costing too much: Bosses will trawl records to identify most frequent visitors to A&E – Daily Mail, 9/6/15

GP records to be shared without patient permission to tackle ‘high cost’ patients – Pulse, 9/6/15

Up to 700,000 NHS patients had their data released, despite opting out – Ars Technica, 9/6/15

NHS Patients’ Data Shared Against Their Wishes – Sky News, 6/6/15

Data on 700,000 NHS patients ‘available to third parties’: Details being shared despite patients asking for them to be kept secret – Daily Mail, 6/6/15

Confidential NHS patient data being passed on ‘against wishes’ – ITV, 6/6/15

NHS data passed on ‘against wishes’ – Press Association, 6/6/15

Nearly 1 million patients could be having confidential data shared against their wishes – Daily Telegraph, 6/6/15

NHS details released against patients’ wishes, admits data body – Guardian, 6/6/15 loose ends need tying up now – Health Service Journal, 4/6/15

NHS fails to cope with opt outs – UKAuthority, 5/6/15 the economic value of data versus the public interest? – Stats Life, 3/6/15

NHS blows £5 MILLION on delayed – The Register, 2/6/15

Baroness Ludford: Respond to the 700,000 requests to opt out of medical data sharing – Politics Home, 2/6/15

May 2015

Survey highlights patients concerns about sharing personal health data – Cambridge Network, 14/5/15

Delay to 700,000 patient opt-outs –, 12/5/15

What are the IT headaches facing the next government? – ComputerWorld UK, 7/5/15

Local GP data sharing schemes ‘open practices up’ to legal challenges – Pulse, 6/5/15

NHS overriding 700,000 patient opt-outs to GP data being shared – Pulse, 5/5/15

Could Google look after our NHS data? – Daily Mail, 4/5/15

April 2015

NHS tops the list for serious data breaches last year – ComputerWorld, 9/4/15

March 2015

EU ministers back data privacy changes – eHealth insider, 23/3/15

NHS England has some sneaky plans for acceleration – The Register, 20/3/15

Ethical frameworks and APIs dominate open data discussion – Kable Government Computing, 20/3/15

MP calls for halt to roll-out – Birmingham Press, 17/3/15

Data advisory group to disband – eHealth insider, 16/3/15

Privacy and the 100,000 Genome Project – Guardian, 10/3/15

NHS – a horribly botched operation – Computing, 8/3/15

CQC could use information for intelligent monitoring – Pulse, 6/3/15

All power to the LibDems for standing up for our liberties in database debate – The Herald, 5/3/15

Maternity leave minister returns to help SNP avoid ID database defeat – Daily Telegraph, 4/3/15

MSPs debate ‘super ID database’ plans – BBC, 4/3/15

Time to wake up to this grave threat to our privacy – The Herald, 4/3/15

Scottish Government wins ID database showdown – The Scotsman, 4/3/15

Independent oversight body for to be scrapped – Pulse, 4/3/15

NHS ‘can never be 100 per cent secure’ – Computing, 3/3/15

NHS England to launch standards testing within weeks – Kable Government Computing, 3/3/15 on hold until election – eHealth Insider, 2/3/15

Watchdog: SNP plan for super-database could create national ID number for every Scot – Herald, 2/3/15

Scottish identity database plans carry privacy risk, ministers warned – Guardian, 2/3/15

Development of a Scottish Population Register/ID Card Scheme is subject to ICO criticism – Hawktalk, 2/3/15

February 2015

Scottish plans for central identity database spark privacy criticism – Guardian, 25/2/15

HSCIC promises not to count opt outs at GP practice level – Pulse, 23/2/15

Plans to share NHS data with tax agency ‘risk breaking down trust’ – STV, 22/2/15

Labour calls for NHS data sharing plans to be dropped – The Courier, 22/2/15

NHS: Campaigners attack plans to share patients’ personal data with taxman – Daily Record, 22/2/15 2.0: why its ‘Big Data’ approach should be reconsidered – Stats Life, 16/2/15

No date for report response – eHealth Insider, 11/2/15

Majority of pilots expected to begin ‘before May’ – Pulse, 10/2/15

Clarification concerns leave Caldicott unsure of timing – Kable Government Computing, 10/2/15

Shed light on big data – ethics report – 4/2/15, eHealth Insider

Medical researchers and health care providers must consider moral as well as legal questions on data use, says bioethics body – Out-Law, 4/2/15

Let public have greater say over big health data – New Scientist, 3/2/15

Just because you can does not mean you should — commercial and clinical research exploitation of personal digital information – Computer Weekly, 3/2/15

Report: Public Big Data initiatives need moral framework to succeed – Fierce Biotech, 3/2/15

Abuse of health data deserves JAIL, thunders ethics body – The Register, 3/2/15

Government told to make it easier to opt out of database – Independent, 3/2/15

‘Public should be consulted on NHS medical data-sharing scheme’ – Guardian, 3/2/15

Health advances using ‘big data’ at risk, ministers warned – Financial Times, 3/2/15

Concerns over use of health data – Press Association, 3/2/15

Public participation should be at the heart of big data projects –, 3/2/15

Science 2.0: Public Buy-In – And Penalties For Misuse – Essential For Big Data Success – Science, 2/2/15

ICO given expanded health data audit powers – Kable Government Computing, 2/2/15

Single opt-out “needed” for patient data – EHI, 2/2/15

January 2015

NHS data privacy plans ‘flawed’ – SC Magazine, 29/1/15 refuseniks will be DENIED CANCER SCREENING invites – The Register, 28/1/15

‘Anonymous’ NHS database could still allow patients to be identified, expert warns – Independent, 26/1/15

NHS information centre forced to write to potentially ‘millions’ of patients after error – Pulse, 23/1/15

The social licence for research: why ran into trouble – BMJ, 23/1/15

NHS disregards patient requests to opt out of sharing medical records – Guardian, 22/1/15

Patients miss out on bowel cancer screening after opting out of – Pulse, 22/1/15 in “last chance saloon” – eHealth Insider, 22/1/15

NHS director argues big data in healthcare is a ‘moral obligation’ – relaunched – diginomica, 20/1/15

NHS England rounds on critics as relaunches – Pharma Times, 16/1/15

Fresh Patient Confidentiality Care.Data Concerns Arise –, 14/1/15

NHS relaunches controversial initiative to drive big data use in healthcare – V3, 13/1/15

NHS boss claims patient data collection is ‘morally right’ – IT Pro, 13/1/15 and big data will fill ‘dangerous gaps’ in NHS and futureproof it with genomics, argues Tim Kelsey – Computing, 13/1/15

Medical Records Scheme May Identify Patients – Sky News, 13/1/15

NHS refused to pull ‘unfit for purpose’ leaflet – The Register, 7/1/15

NHS was informed that leaflets were ‘not fit for purpose’ before £1m rollout – Computing, 7/1/15

HSCIC readies secure data facility for programme – Computing, 6/1/15

HSCIC secure facility to open by March – Kable Government Computing, 6/1/15

HSCIC secure facility to open by March – eHealth Insider, 5/1/15


December 2014 review raises questions – eHealth Insider, 19/12/14

NHS watchdog raises 27 questions over before roll-out can proceed – Computer Weekly, 18/12/14 Caldicott calls for NHS to answer areas of concern – Computing, 18/12/14 extractions on hold until NHS England satisfies GP concerns – Pulse, 18/12/14 practice pilots will not start until 2015 – Pulse, 16/12/14

Need to repeat “inadequate consultation” could further delay NHS data-sharing programme – Out-Law, 15/12/14

MPs say programme should be put on hold – Computing, 12/12/14 faces more delays over concerns about patients – Computer Weekly, 12/12/14

What future is there for UK’s info sharing scheme? – The Register, 12/12/14

Launch date for trial uncertain – Kable Government Computing, 12/12/14 trial date in doubt – IT Pro, 12/12/14

Controversial NHS patient data sharing pilot scheme may be delayed until 2015 – Guardian, 11/12/14

HSCIC reviews data releases to police – eHealth Insider, 9/12/14

November 2014

NHS to carry on selling patient records to insurers – Daily Telegraph, 27/11/14

Why sharing medical data could be good for your health – Daily Telegraph, 27/11/14

NHS to carry on selling patients’ medical data to insurance firms despite history of blunders over illegal use of the information – Daily Mail, 27/11/14 a year of bungling and confusion – Stats Life (newsletter of the Royal Statistical Society), 25/11/14

NHS suffered six data breaches every day since 2011, study finds – ComputerWorld, 14/11/14

NHS data is snooped on six times every day: Staff caught looking at records of friends, family and even love rivals – Daily Mail, 14/11/14

Campaign calls for patients to choose who can access their GP record through – Pulse, 10/11/14

NHS to approve health care apps for GPs to prescribe – Pulse, 4/11/14

October 2014

Fears that patient data will be disclosed under new scheme – Practice Business, 24/10/14

Doctors urged to adopt default opt-out approach to scheme – Out-Law, 23/10/14

Blanket opt out by GPs does not breach Data Protection Act – GP Online, 22/10/14

Roundtable: Where should go from here? – Health Service Journal, 22/10/14

GP records soon wide open again: Just walk into a ‘safe haven’ – The Register, 17/10/14

Don’t trust bumbling public officials and opt out of this NHS data disaster – Sunday Express, 12/10/14 pilots to start in GP practices – ComputerWorld UK, 9 Oct 14

CCGs to host test-runs revealed – The Commissioning Review, 8/10/14 goes ahead with CCG pilot – Computer Weekly 8/10/14

NHS medical records to be stored in regional data centres – Guardian, 8/10/14

Storm as NHS gives go-ahead to patient database despite concerns: Pilot scheme will involve 1.7million people unless an individual specifically ops out – Daily Mail, 8/10/14

GPs to contact patients individually to explain opt-out – Pulse, 7/10/14

GPs could opt all patients out of opt under data protection laws, information office says – Pulse, 6/10/14

GPs practices can opt out of – eHealth Insider, 3/10/14

September 2014

Kelsey steps up NHS data drive – Kable Government Computing, 17/9/14 pilots to be chosen ‘shortly’ – eHealth Insider, 10/9/14

August 2014

Confidentiality costs – Stats Life (newsletter of the Royal Statistical Society), 27/8/14

NHS England looks at expanding extractions to include ‘sensitive’ patient information – Pulse, 19/8/14

Police should have greater access to medical records, says chief constable – Pulse, 11/8/14

Key letters ‘not sent’eHealth Insider,  5/8/14

Make opt in or we will opt patients out, say GPs – Pulse, 5/8/14

GPs’ responsibilities amount to ‘good customer service’, says information commissioner – Pulse, 5/8/14

July 2014

Indefinite delay for after patient fiasco – Pharma Times, 29/7/14

GPs most trusted by public to protect their data – Pulse, 23/7/14 is back, with pilot in 500 GP practices – Civil Service World, 18/7/14

Home Office accessing NHS records to help track down illegal immigrants – Guardian, 14/7/14

HSCIC warns of HES confidentiality – eHealth Insider, 4/7/14

Patient data oversight committee appoints new chair – IT Pro Portal, 4/7/14

GPs to send patient letters explaining ‘opt-out’ – Pulse, 3/7/14

UK would be ‘losing out’ if citizens don’t allow NHS to share information for – Computing, 3/7/14

Insurance company refuses NHS request to delete patient data – Health Service Journal, 2/7/14

Sharing patient data must be embraced despite “understandable caution” – Kable Government Computing, 2/7/14

Caldicott to oversee pilot – eHealth Insider, 2/7/14 will remain opt-out model, says NHS director Tim Kelsey – Computer Weekly, 1/7/14

June 2014

‘Criminals could breach new NHS database’ – Sunday Post, 29/6/14

Care.Data pilot to be limited to just 100 GP practices – PMLiVE, 27/6/14

NHS data governance in critical condition – Computing, 27/6/14

Plans unveiled for new data sharing regime within the NHS – Out-law, 27/6/14

BMA votes for to be explicitly opt-in – Computer Weekly, 25/6/14

Over half the public still unaware of – Pulse, 25/6/14

Parts of should be ‘opt-in’ only, says NHS England director – Pulse, 20/6/14

Tesco Clubcard founder worried about – Computer Weekly, 18/6/14

Government shared patient data with no record of recipient – Pulse, 17/6/14

HSCIC tightens controls over patient data following data lapse – Computer Weekly, 17/6/14

NHS guilty of ‘unacceptable’ lapses in sale of patient information to private sector – Daily Telegraph, 17/6/14

NHS patient data audit uncovers ‘significant lapses’ in confidentiality – Guardian, 17/6/14

NHS England defends following ‘enormous outcry’ – Health Service Journal, 9/6/14

Ignorance of care quality is ‘true scandal’ facing NHS, warns health chief – Daily Telegraph, 6/6/14

NHS must think like Google to make data project work – The Conversation, 2/6/14

Health information agency chokes data flow – Health Service Journal, 2/6/14

May 2014

Mark Walport: Government must make the case for you to share – Wired, 29/5/14 should be opt-in, say GPs – GP Online, 27/5/14

GPs vote in favour of an opt-in system for – Pulse, 23/5/14

Half of UK citizens say they do not trust NHS with personal data – Computing, 20/5/14

Care Data: the Pros  &  Care Data: the Cons – Two separate articles at “SCL – The IT Law Community”, 15/5/14

Practice opts all patients out of despite delay to roll-out – Pulse, 12/5/14

NHS patient data storm: Govt lords SLAP DOWN privacy protections – The Register, 8/5/14

Trust in the time of markets: protecting patient information – The Lancet (free registration required), 3/5/14

Three crucial safeguards for medical records proposed by leading voices on – Open Democracy, 2/5/14

Healthy scepticism – SC Magazine, 1/5/14

April 2014 doesn’t care enough about consent – BMJ, 22/4/14England’s Fiasco: Open Government Data Done Wrong – Tech President, 21/4/14

NHS information scheme ‘mishandled’ – BBC, 18/4/14 (plus recorded interview)

Open data: slow down – Guardian, 18/4/14

Pharma access to UK patient records ‘still up for debate’ – Pharma Phorum, 11/4/14

ID from medical data could spark ‘crisis’ – Times Higher Education, 10/4/14

Identifiable patient data lost on four occasions since 2009 by Government information centre – Pulse, 9/4/14

HSCIC admits to five HES data breaches – eHealth Insider, 9/4/14

NHS blunders put millions of records at risk – Daily Telegraph, 8/4/14

NHS reveals it has only spent £1.3m on to date – Computing, 7/4/14

Drugs companies buy NHS patient data, register reveals – Daily Telegraph, 3/4/14

Patient records handed out to 56 private sector organisations data controller reveals – Pulse, 3/4/14

How to fix NHS – Wired, 2/4/14 advisory group meets – eHealth Insider, 1/4/14

March 2014

NHS PR Fiasco Continues as Google Pulls Out of Secret Deal – Info Security, 27/3/14

Joe’s view of – eHealth Insider, 27/3/14

Google pulls out of secret deal to show data on NHS hospitals – The Times, 26/3/14

FoI reveals cynical logic that compromises NHS data privacy – The Conversation, 25/3/14 – where next? – Computer Weekly, 24/3/14 advisory group announced – eHealth Insider, 21/3/14 confidentiality concerns cannot be ignored, say doctors – BMA, 21/3/14 the patient’s view – Health Service Journal, 21/3/14

NHS data-sharing ‘a no-brainer’, says health chief – Guardian, 21/3/14

GPs should use public ‘trust’ to sell benefits of, says Hunt – Pulse, 19/3/14

Online tool could be used to identify public figures’ medical care, say critics – Guardian, 18/3/14

The future of hangs in the balance – Open Democracy, 17/3/14

NHS sells a billion patient records – Sunday Times, 16/3/14

Don’t upload health care data to Google cloud, UK groups say – PC World, 14/3/14

MPs agree to data-sharing safeguards – BBC, 11/3/14

Privacy campaigners team up with leading public health professor to fix Hunt’s ‘complete nonsense’ on – Open Democracy, 11/3/14

Review to probe sale of NHS medical data – Daily Telegraph, 7/3/14

Three things to save when the ship goes down – Wired, 6/3/14

Senior NHS England staff criticised for tweeting factually incorrect information – Pulse, 6/3/14

Time for some truth about who is feeding off our NHS data – The Conversation, 5/3/14 – Nature editorial, 4/3/14

Case for poorly publicised – On Medica, 4/3/14

Triple-headed NHS privacy scare after hospital data reach marketers, Google – The Register, 4/3/14

NHS hospital records used by private marketing firms – Daily Telegraph, 4/3/14

Committee to debate sharing medical data – Sheffield Star, 2/3/14 is in chaos. It breaks my heart – Guardian, 1/3/14

Cashing in on patient records to be banned: But you’ll still have to opt out to keep private details off database – Daily Mail, 1/3/14

NHS data row shows rising public unease, information chief warns – Guardian, 1/3/14

February 2014

Patients need to have control over their own information if is to work – Guardian, 28/2/14

NHS data blunders mean you can’t trust – Wired, 26/2/14

NHS data: take more care – Guardian editorial, 26/2/14

Three in four GPs believe should be ‘opt in’ – Pulse, 26/2/14 should be opt-in – Jarman – eHealth Insider 25/2/14

Health bosses ‘undermine trust’ in patient database, say MPs – Health Service Journal, 25/2/14

Medical records rules broken, NHS admits – BBC, 24/2/14

Firm linked to drug makers sought pact on access to patient records database – Guardian, 24/2/14

Why should you care about – Daily Mirror 24/2/14

47 million NHS patient records sold to accountants – Daily Mirror, 24/2/14

Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers – Daily Telegraph, 23/2/14

Legal straits forced NHS delay on – ComputerWeekly, 21/2/14

The NHS plan to share our medical data can save lives – but must be done right – Guardian, 21/2/14

Opt-out of new NHS data scheme urges former Shropshire hospital boss – Shropshire Star, 20/2/14

North East doctors shun controversial plans to share medical records – The Journal, 20/2/14 How did it go so wrong? – BBC, 19/2/14

Rebel GP told contract notice over opt-outs was a ‘misunderstanding’ – Pulse, 19/2/14

Clare Gerada of NHS England on Newsnight – BBC Two, 18/2/14

Medical records share plan delayed – Evening Standard, 18/2/14

Legal action begins day before NHS patient data share is delayed – Leigh Day, 18/2/14

NHS Records Database Postponed Amid Concern – Sky News, 18/2/14

Victory for privacy as NHS Database delayed – Independent, 18/2/14

NHS in England delays sharing of medical records – Guardian, 18/2/14

Giant NHS database rollout delayed – BBC News, 18/2/14

NHS admits new medical records database could pose privacy risk – Telegraph, 17/2/14

Two-thirds oppose plans for new NHS database that will see confidential medical records sold to private firms – Daily Mail, 15/2/14

2,000 NHS patients’ records are lost every day with more than two million serious data breaches logged since the start of 2011 – Daily Mail, 15/2/14

BBC local radio interview featuring Dr Neil Bhatia and Roy Lilley (11:50 onwards) – BBC Radio Sussex, 14/2/14

Adults ‘unaware of NHS data plans’ – BBC News, 14/2/14

BBC Radio 4 PM show item on – BBC Radio 4, 14/2/14

George Mudie: Questions of confidentiality over NHS database – Yorkshire Post, 13/2/14

John Appleby: your bits in their hands – BMJ Group blogs, 13/2/14

Martin Caldwell on why he is concerned about – BMJ Group blogs, 13/2/14

GPs warn of crisis in public confidence over NHS database – Daily Mail, 13/2/14

House of Commons Written Answers – Medical Records: Data Protection – Hansard, 12/2/14

GP leaders demand action over – PharmaTimes, 12/2/14

NHS database faces ‘crisis of public confidence’, GP body warns – Guardian, 12/2/14

‘Crisis of confidence’ in NHS database, warn GPs – Telegraph, 12/2/14

RCGP voices concerns about – RCGP press release, 12/2/14

MPs voice concerns over in Parliamentary debate – Computing News, 11/2/14

ICO blog: NHS patient information: the Information Centre and the DPA – Information Commissioner’s Office blog, 11/2/14

Revealed: Big Pharma’s hidden links to NHS policy, with senior MPs saying medical industry uses ‘wealth to influence government’ – Independent, 11/2/14

NHS bosses accused of ‘climate of fear’ over – Telegraph, 10/2/14

Public face of Health and Social Care Information Centre to depart – Guardian, 10/2/14

When is an opt-out not an opt-out? When it’s a opt-out – Computing News, 10/2/14

Ignore NHS snoops | Nick Ferrari – Sunday Express, 9/2/14

‘Big Brother’ database will grab children’s health records but parents are being kept in the dark – Mail on Sunday, 9/2/14

Data-sharing: “some GPs are opting-out entire practices” – PharmaTimes, 8/2/14

Insurers ‘could use new NHS database to track you down within two hours’ – Daily Mail, 8/2/14

GP vows to take battle with the NHS through the courts – Oxford Mail, 8/2/14 will allow police access to patient records without informing GPs – Pulse Today, 7/2/14

A simple guide to – Wired UK, 7/2/14

Re-identifying illegal – E-Health Insider, 7/2/14

Download a opt-out form for your patients – Pulse Today, 7/2/14 [Copy of trifold]

Medical info in CARE.DATA not ‘properly anonymised’ – ITV News, 7/2/14

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Big Brother’s grab for your health secrets – Daily Mail, 7/2/14

NHS bosses are bullying GPs into sharing their patients’ data, say MPs: Scheme described as a ‘frankly disgraceful’ treatment of patient confidentiality – Daily Mail, 7/2/14

The Debate Over NHS Pseudonymized Patient Data Grows – Infosecurity magazine, 6/2/14

NHS will be dependent on EHRs – Hunt – E-Health Insider, 6/2/14 [“Hunt said that when information is linked with the sequencing of human genomes…”]

Police will have ‘backdoor’ access to health records despite opt-out, says MP – Guardian, 6/2/14

Notice on Dr Gordon Gancz’ practice website – King Edward Street Surgery

I won’t give in to the NHS Thought Police who want to sell your private medical records: GP threatened by health chiefs hits back – Daily Mail, 6/2/14

Pseudonymised health data will not be able to be traced back to individuals under care data scheme, says official – OutLaw, 5/2/14

GPs revolt on patient records: Growing anger at NHS plan to harvest private data – Daily Mail, 5/2/14

NHS ‘bullies’ threaten to axe GP for keeping his patients’ records private – Daily Mail, 5/2/14 and the murky US partnership that puts your health data at risk – Wired UK, 4/2/14

NHS admits it should have been clearer over medical records-sharing scheme – Guardian, 4/2/14

NHS England ‘not clear enough’ to patients about opt-out – British Computer Society, 4/2/14

House of Commons Written Answers – Medical Records: Databases – Hansard (via TheyWorkForYou), 4/2/14

Giant patient records database ‘should be delayed’ – BBC News, 4/2/14

NHS admits it should have been clearer over medical records-sharing scheme – Guardian, 4/2/14

‘Maybe we haven’t been clear enough about med records opt-out’, admits NHS data boss – The Register, 4/2/14

[Archive: unlawful access by authorised user] No action against doc who accessed ECS – E-Health Insider, 15/1/10

[Archive: Harm & distress] New leaked data fiasco – Channel 4 News, 10/1/08

[Archive: Harm & distress] Whistleblower who was excluded from work for five years wins apology – BMJ, 12/1/08

[Archive: Harm & distress] The woman falsely labelled alcoholic by the NHS – Guardian, 2/11/06

Untrue claims by NHS IT chief – Light Blue Touchpaper, 4/2/14

BBC Radio 4 Today programme – NHS ‘very good at preserving privacy’ – BBC Radio 4, 4/2/14

Giving away your data: from Galton and Google to – Guardian, 3/2/14

What price our NHS medical records? – Observer Letters, 2/2/14

January 2014

GP survey reveals extent of ignorance among patients and staff – Pulse Today, 31/1/14

Give the gift of life by donating your medical records – New Scientist, 31/1/14

Opting out of is not the answer – openDemocracy, 31/1/14 interviews on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 29/1/14

Patients may lose trust in NHS if scheme goes ahead, admits NHS England risk analysis – Pulse Today, 28/1/14

‘Going Underground’ interview ( item begins at 00:16:00) – Russia Today TV, 27/1/14

Why your health secrets may no longer be safe with your GP – Observer, 26/1/14

Four in 10 GPs to opt out of NHS database – Telegraph, 24/1/14

40 per cent of GPs plan to opt out of the NHS big data sweep, due to a lack of confidence in the project – Independent, 24/1/14

Over 40% of GPs intend to opt themselves out of scheme – Pulse, 24/1/14

Sleepwalking into an information grab by private health – openDemocracy, 23/1/14

MP tables motion to halt rollout as 2,400 patients call helpline– Pulse, 22/1/14

NHS already handing out private data on thousands of patients: Details given to universities, hospitals and watchdogs without checking for consent – Daily Mail, 21/1/14

Dont mislead us about our NHS medical records – Telegraph, 20/1/14

EU proposals could outlaw giant NHS database – Telegraph, 20/1/14

Why you should be angry about changes to NHS patient data policy – Guardian, 20/1/14

Patients will be identifiable when firms are given access to confidential NHS data, experts warn – Independent, 20/1/14

NHS patient data to be made available for sale to drug and insurance companies – Guardian, 19/1/14

Independent experts overseeing have approved 31 releases of identifiable patient data since April – Pulse, 17/1/14

Experts overseeing have been approving releases of identifiable patient data – ComputerWorld UK, 17/1/14 business case needs approval – EHI, 17/1/14

Should GPs fear sharing NHS data? – GP, 17/1/14

Power to the people – Nature, 15/1/14

Making a choice on the data sharing of medical records – Government Computing, 13/1/14

Patients urge caution over GP data sharing – GP, 13/1/14

Health records of every NHS patient to be shared in vast database – Telegraph, 10/1/14

GPs held responsible for patient complaints over NHS data-sharing project, says ICO – Pulse, 10/1/14

Concerns Heightened About Opt-Out Central Database For UK Patients Health Data – Infosecurity, 9/1/14 campaign leaflet slammed – EHI, 7/1/14

NHS carelessly slings out plans to 26.5 million Brits – The Register, 6/1/14

NHS Englands wholly inadequate leaflet drop – Big Brother Watch, 6/1/14

Your life in their hands: is the NHS database a healthy step or a gross invasion of patient privacy? – Independent, 6/1/14

GP rebellion over plan to share millions of patients data – Mail on Sunday, 5/1/14

GPs urged to proactively support NHS data-sharing publicity campaign starting next week – Pulse, 2/1/14


December 2013

By the way… Your medical notes aren’t private now – Daily Mail, 10/12/13

Biggest risk to scheme is potential loss of GP confidence in benefits of scheme – Pulse, 3/12/13

GP extract to starts in March – EHI, 2/12/13

November 2013

Patient confidentiality in a time of – BMJ, 27/11/13

Fears grow over open access to patient records – Observer, 24/11/13

What does the NHSs new IT plan really want to extract from us? – The Register, 21/11/13

Second GP decides to opt all patients out of records extraction as rebellion grows – Pulse, 19/11/13

Why I’m opting patients out of the scheme – Pulse, 12/11/13

GP takes unlawful decision to opt patients out of programme – Pulse, 12/11/13

College GP challenges government proposals – The Oxford Student, 7/11/13

GP: Why does the NHS need to obtain so much data from patients? – Computing, 7/11/13 the creep begins – medConfidential, 3/11/13

October 2013

Big data = big deal – Pulse, 23/10/13

SCR opt-out does not apply to – EHI, 22/10/13 campaign – not off to a flyer – Commissioning GP, 21/10/13

GPs should use repeat prescriptions to inform patients about, says new guidance – Pulse, 21/10/13

NHS climbdown over big brother database – Daily Mail, 19/10/13

Anger over medical records sold to private firms – ThisIsDerbyshire, 17/10/13

Big data: unthinking, ignorant and callous – HSJ, 17/10/13

NHS preps spammy mailshots advertising BIGGEST medical data grab in HISTORY – The Register, 16/10/13

£1m national leaflet drop on – EHI, 16/10/13

NHS England bows to confidentiality concerns and launches £2m national publicity campaign on – Pulse, 16/10/13 project to collate all NHS patients records – Independent, 16/10/13

UK push to open up patients data – Nature, 15/10/13 the latest threat to patient privacy? – Computing, 14/10/13

We’ve not had the time to inform patients about this – Oxford Mail, 9/10/13

Essex GP demands more time to warn patients about data extraction – GP, 8/10/13

Medical records may be shared around – Biggleswade Chronicle, 4/10/13 extractions on hold – EHI, 4/10/13

Eight weeks to inform patients their data is going to be harvested, GPs warned – Pulse, 4/10/13

Campaigners claim GPs could face £500k fines over data protection – GP, 3/10/13

2020health calls for to be postponed and replaced by an opt-in system – 2020Health, 3/10/13

NHS data extraction programme poses enormous threat to privacy – Pulse, 1/10/13

Wirral Euro MP warns of NHS data grab – Wirral Globe, 1/10/13

September 2013

GPs unable to object to patient data being shared, warns GPC – Pulse, 26/9/13 publicity not adequate – EHI, 24/9/13

GPs threaten to boycott Big Brother NHS database which would force them to send confidential patient records to private firms – Daily Mail, 21/9/13

GP leaders consider boycott of NHS Englands data extraction programme – Pulse, 19/9/13

Hunt’s paperless, data-pimping NHS plan gets another £240m – The Register, 5/9/13

Hunt announces new push to create database of NHS patients records – Guardian, 4/9/13

August 2013

Kelsey Uncut: Tweet’n’delete – HSJ, 29/8/13

Anger in East Lancashire over plans to sell patient data – Lancashire Telegraph, 23/8/13

Your confidential medical records for sale… at just £1 – Daily Mail, 18/8/13

Jeremy Hunt plans sale of confidential patient medical records to private firms – Telegraph, 18/8/13

NHS managers rule out publicity campaign for controversial data extract programme – Pulse, 15/8/13

GP group does campaign – EHI, 2/8/13

May 2013

NHS England to begin extracting data from GP records – Pulse, 29/5/13

Database of patient information takes first steps – Telegraph, 29/5/13

£140 could buy private firms data on NHS patients – Guardian, 17/5/13

April 2013

U-turn over NHS database opt-out: Victory for privacy campaign as Hunt backs down – Daily Mail, 26/4/13

Hunt on NHS data sharing: Obviously we HAVE TO let people opt out – The Register, 26/4/13

February 2013

GPC calls for publicity campaign over ‘fundamental change’ in use of patient data – Pulse, 20/2/2013

NHS data bank plan condemned over privacy fears – Times, 2/2/13

Privacy fears as GPs compelled to share patient information – Evening Standard, 2/2/13

NHS patient confidentiality at risk from central database records – Guardian, 2/2/13

Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size as GPs are forced to hand over confidential records – Daily Mail, 1/2/13


Millions of patients data to sold off for research after Cameron announces radical plan to change NHS constitution – Daily Mail, 2/8/12


Concerns over plan to boost pharma by releasing NHS data – The Register, 12/12/11