For Patients

Patient Online services via your GP

The NHS offers a number of digital services, which are available online via your GP practice website.

If you don’t currently have a username and password to login to these GP online services, you can follow this NHS England guidance to get them. You shouldn’t need to talk to your Doctor to get a username and password, just the receptionist in your practice. All you’ll need to do is fill in a short form, and provide some proof of identity. For more details, the Good Things Foundation have a simple explanation.

One advantage of being able to use these digital services is that your surgery may offer same-day appointments online before the phone service opens in the morning – so you won’t have to wait on hold in a telephone queue. You can also order repeat prescriptions, and request access to your referral letters. For more information on your GP records, NHS England has published a leaflet.

In future, more services across the NHS should be available to you digitally, without you having to remember a lot of different usernames and passwords, and without each digital service knowing which other services you use (unless you tell them).

Some GP practices will, in a short while, be able to tell you how your GP record has been used by particular services.

IMPORTANT: the form your GP practice will ask you to fill in may vary across practices, but it will be the form that is described in NHS England’s guidance.