For Patients

We are building a number of online tools to help patients help themselves and help others.

The second is called codeList – a page for you to search or browse the information that will be extracted from your own and your family’s GP records under the current version of

As new tools go live, we will add them to this section of the website.

*The most common confusion we are finding is with the form for opting out of the Summary Care Record, which looks like this:

Summary Care Record opt out form

And in some places, practices are giving out forms to do with local data sharing arrangements such as this:

Form for opting out of data sharing via a GP IT system called SystmOne

neither of which are anything to do with

Please use formFix to report if you are given either of these forms or anything like them, or if your practice doesn’t know what to do with the opt out form or letter you brought in. More practices across England are now beginning to provide their own opt out forms, so please don’t report these.