MedConfidential Bulletin – August 2016: Do you want your GP records shared, even if you’ve opted out?

MedConfidential newsletter – Do you want your GP records shared, even if you’ve opted out? may be gone, but Jeremy Hunt is asking whether you want to keep your opt out of your medical records leaving your GP’s practice. Will you tell him what you think?

There’s a government consultation going on on into the future sharing of your medical records. It doesn’t say it clearly, but what they are asking is do you want your GP to keep your medical history private?

If you do, please respond to the consultation, and tell your friends:

You can respond to the consultation online. You don’t need to answer every question, and can only answer question 15 if you wish.

You might want to mention some of these points in your own words:

  • Why is what you tell your GP private for you?
  • Why must doctors and the NHS keep the promises they make to you?
  • Is this promise clear: “information about me can only be used by the people directly providing my care”?
    • Do you want that promise to be given and kept?

Previously, those questions have been ignored in private. Now they’re public, you get your say. The people who want to use your health data will reply, will you?

For our longer analysis of the Caldicott Review that led into the consultation, it’s online in 4 parts.

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