medConfidential on Life Sciences Strategy

The Government has launched its life sciences strategy.

The operative line which underlies all of this from an NHS perspective is:

“This may require some trade-off between trials infrastructure for nursing and for digital,”

Business want such trade offs, but the NHS and patients will likely have something to say about that. Did DH agree to it?

medConfidential coordinator Phil Booth said:

“The missing piece in here is patient consent. While the strategy mentions Dame Fiona’s Review, it doesn’t actually say whether the human tissue they want to buy will be consented or not” (top of page 8)

“Until we see what the NHS itself is planning, there’s nothing in here that wasn’t on the life sciences wishlist 4 years ago from the flawed scheme; and nothing to suggest they’ve learnt any lessons.

“The Government has confirmed that patients who have opted out will be contacted about the new arrangements; but what will those who trusted the NHS to do the right thing be told?