COVID’s Butler Review

The Butler Review into Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction (ie the Government’s decision to invade Iraq) had one meaningful outcome – it obliged the creation of the Chilcot Inquiry. The current Review of the UK’s response to COVID-19 by the All-Party Group on Coronavirus must be given the evidence to do the same. 

This Review has other important matters to attend to, so its remit will naturally be constrained. Its main focus while we are still in the crisis must of course be forward planning for this winter, and our future response to COVID-19.

While there will – quite rightly – be much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the history of this pandemic, including the contact tracing app debacle, this will in large part be academic except in what it contributes to the primary goal of getting the Review to require an Inquiry.

History has shown this can come from civil servants, who already know this Government will leave them unsupported within processes they built.

The truth will come out, it always does; the question is, will you help?

medConfidential will publish our draft submission here in due course, and we are happy to help others with theirs. 

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